If computers have a motherboard then where would a fatherboard go?

Answer Under the thumb-nail J-Peg.

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Would the Titanic have floated for longer then she did if the water tight doors where not shut?

No, it would have sunk more quickly. With all of the compartments flooding the total waterplane areas of them would have caused the ship to list badly and then capsize in a very short time.

If we didn't have computers what sort of jobs would IT Consultants do?

They would be the filing clerks that lurk in basements. The ones who when you ask for a file make you jump through hoops or dump six huge great boxes on you when you ask for one file. LOL

Why do i have to turn my PC on then my monitor, then my PC off then on again to ?

you can leave your monoter on at all times, the standby signal goes off in a minute and when you turn on your PC the monoter is already ready to wrok

Did I damage my computers motherboard?

Just clean your MOBO with some isopropanol, It will be fine.