If half way through typing a email it goes off screen. were does it go to?

Answer You might have hit the TAB button while typing your email address

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In typing, what is short hand, touch typing and audio typing. very confused!!!?

Short hand is taking notes in a code that you type up in full after.Touch typing is typing without looking at the keyboardAudio typing is listening to a tape of dictation and typing it as you go along

When i put my videos that are half the screen on wide screen it goes blurry and not as good quality?

Sounds like a graphics card issue. Worth checking that the drivers are all up to date!

Can an iPhone screen just progressively get an unresponsive half black screen ?

Well let me put it this way, it shouldn't be happening. I've never known it to happen myself. All I can think is that the LCD connection is coming loose gradually, causing the progressively growing... Read More »

Hotkey for typing email adress?

In order to make a hotkey, you must first have a shortcut to the file, folder, or program. To make a hotkey for a file, folder, or program, do the following:1. Locate the shortcut for the file, fol... Read More »