If i block someone on facebook,will they still see pictures i have tagged to a friend in common?

Answer yes, they'll still be able to see it...but you're name won't be a blue link, like everyone elses name that is tagged in the pic will. You're name will appear black to that person, and he/she wont b... Read More »

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Is it vain to like pictures of yourself and have 503 tagged pictures of you and friends on facebook?

dont feel vain, facebook is to share pictures and a lot of people have that many and more tagged!

Why can my friend and I not see the photos we are tagged in from another friend, but everyone else can?

maybe the person who has uploaded the photo may not want you to see the photo...... He must have set the phot's setting to not be viewed from your ID. Please get the photo downloaded from your frie... Read More »

If you block someone on TAGGED can they still find you on 'MEET ME'?

Yes They Can Unless you Blocked them on MeetMe As Well Tagged and MeetMe are 2 different Social Sites

How do I change the name of my tagged pictures link on tumblr?

Go to your blog then customize (NOT edit html) there if you scroll down it must say "url1" where you put the url to your tagged photos and "link1" which is the name. Just change it to "Pictures of ... Read More »