If i bought desktop speakers could they connect to my laptop?

Answer Desktop speakers almost always connect via a 3.5mm headphone jack OR USB (some speakers use usb connection interface). So if your laptop has those ports (which is very very very likely, you should ... Read More »

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How to Connect Desktop Speakers to My Mac Pro?

For the best sound from your Mac Pro, it may be a good idea to connect external desktop speakers. You can connect standalone speaker systems or receiver-based speaker systems quite easily. If the c... Read More »

If a had a film on my laptop could i connect laptop to tv and play on laptop watch trhough tv,if so how?

Try to visit this link...…Hope this help

How to Connect a Laptop Mic to TV Speakers?

Most new model TV sets come equipped with RCA audio signal input capacity. Laptop microphones, however, are equipped with stereo cables rather than RCA cables. To connect a laptop mic to a TV, you ... Read More »

How to Connect Laptop Headphones to TV Speakers?

Listening to music, games or movies on your laptop may leave you wanting more. Being able to connect the sound to your TV gives you improved sound quality for a more enjoyable experience. Connectin... Read More »