If i have a degree in construction what jobs could i apply for?

Answer Anything to do with construction anyway you should have asked this question before you went to school for this

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Is there anywhere were i can use a degree to apply for jobs even if the jobs not assciated with the degree?

Most corporations like people with degrees even if it is not connected with the job you are doing.The companies just want to know you followed thru with more education.We had people with Masters de... Read More »

I got a 3rd class degree, but should i apply for jobs which require a 2:1 ?

If the advert asks for a 2:1, I wouldn't waste your time.If you are a recent graduate and don't put it one then it just draws attention to the fact that you haven't put it on. (And there can only b... Read More »

Would I be able to apply for any other jobs with a Software engineering degree?

You would be qualified to do other jobs in the software industry, such as software testing, potentially project management within a software organization, or if you really wanted to tech support (a... Read More »

Im completing my first degree this june . im just wondering should i apply for graduate trainee jobs right now?

If you want to get onto a good graduate program then you should be applying NOW - hell, most of the programs close in March and we're in February already! If you wait until you get your results th... Read More »