If i have lost my driving licence through drink/driving will this show up on a crb check?

Answer i also lost my licence in 2008 - and yes show on crb.will also stay on your driving record for 11 years

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I have lost my licence for drink driving in the uk?

get off your ******* high horses, get and get drunk enjoy life, your all as sad as it gets

If ive passed a driving test for an automatic car in the UK, What code will show on my licence if im pulled?

I have lost my driving licence how do I apply for a new one,and can I continue to drive till I get a replaceme?

I'm assuming you're from the UK, due to the btinternet address.If your photocard and paper counterpart have been lost or stolen and none of the details on your licence have changed, you can apply f... Read More »

If i shop lifted and i got a caution will this show up on my record on a reference check?

I believe an 'Official Caution' would .... but (I believe) most cautions are 'unofficial' ...Dump the useless moronic scum who are trying to talk you into this ... you know EXACTLY what will happen... Read More »