If i install win 7 will the data will remain?

Answer Windows XP cannot be upgraded to Windows 7.When you attempt to install Windows 7 the installer will detect that Windows XP is there and move the entire installation to a backup folder called 'Windo... Read More »

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Why does a body at rest remain at rest and a body in motion remain in motion, in the absence of unbalanced force — AW, Karachi, Pakistan?

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can you install data on to my mp3 player via the internent?

You can download songs to your MP3 player from the Internet. Each MP3 player has different downloading instructions and more detailed help can be found by visiting

Is there a way where I can uninstall sims 2 and install it onto my laptop without losing the data?

Hi, if you go into the computer where you have previously been playing sims 2, then follow these steps:my documents > Ea games > neighborhoods > select all, right click and press copy. then get a m... Read More »