If i install win 7 will the data will remain?

Answer Windows XP cannot be upgraded to Windows 7.When you attempt to install Windows 7 the installer will detect that Windows XP is there and move the entire installation to a backup folder called 'Windo... Read More »

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Will i lose my data if i install windows 7 without formatting the drive?

You should not, but if the system can not see enough of the original Windows 7 install to repair it, it is likely there is far more damage, including already having lost files. It is unlikely any o... Read More »

If I open up my PC should I leave it plugged in, as it will remain earthed?

If you are in the UK then all of the above are wrong! Leave it plugged in BUT ENSURE THE MAINS IS SWITCHED OFF. Your friend is perfectly correct that the chassis should be earthed if you are going ... Read More »

How long will the magnetic data last on a VCR tape before it becomes no longer useable as read data — KR, Urbana, IL?

As long as the tape is kept cool and dry, its magnetization should remain stable for years. However, there is the problem of magnetic imprinting from one layer of tape to the adjacent layers on a s... Read More »

If i install Yahoo Messenger will it let me sign in with my MSN email and will my contacts be in the programme?

no, it won't.YM works with yahoo email addresses