If i send image on facebook to someone can everyone see it?

Answer If you send any image through massage only one person see this, without he/she anyone can't see this.

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Can you send a message on facebook without being on facebook as can't access Facebook at work?

Yes, subscribe to Facebook mobile texts, you then just text its alot easier.

Can someone send files to my facebook contacts after i have deactivated my facebook account?

For the average person no this is not possible.But in the cyber world anything is possible because this environment is built on machine code.So the person wanting to do such a thing would need the ... Read More »

How can you get facebook to send you an email with your facebook password without having to...?

Unfortunatly there is no way to. Facebook will send you an email with a way to access your account and reset your password. Of course, once you reset your password you can always switch your passwo... Read More »

What happens when you report an image on Facebook (see details)?

it'sanonymous - they wont receive a notification for it, or know who did itbut if they know who did it for some other reason, because they know you are the only one who would report it, no, there i... Read More »