If i suspect someone of snooping my wireless conection what can i do about it?

Answer Encrypt it

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Wireless conection does not work.?

think ur internet explorer is not ok.....but try to check the net connection again...swith off ur router and swith on again after a while.if still doesnot working....go to the left hend bottom corn... Read More »

How can i detect if someone is snooping around in my computer?

As long as your XP is up to date with all the latest patches, and as long as you dont install everything you see on the net, you should be safe.Get windows defender, it will tell you alot about wh... Read More »

Is it possible to connect to xbox live through my laptops wireless internet conection?

Maybe you can try connecting the Xbox to your laptop via ad-hoc wireless connection. Its free and you don't need to burn $60 bucks on a wifi adapter.instructions after the jump: Read More »

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