If im another wireless network like my neighbors can they see what sites im searching?

Answer As long as on the network and sharing senter on your laptop. Network discovery needs to be off and file sharing needs to be off.And it also depends what router they have because some routers log wh... Read More »

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Neighbors wireless network.?

It sounds to me like the neighbors network is a private, yet open network. Your computer must be chosen as a guest computer using the software that came with their router. If this isn't the case ... Read More »

Can someone suggest some good job searching sites specifically sites which have jobs in sales and marketing?

The question is best answered if we know where you are based as Job sites tend to be country specific.I myself have used many UK job sites in the past, some good and some really bad. A site I used ... Read More »

Can Your Neighbors Spy on You through Your Wireless Internet?

An unsecured wireless network leaves your home computers and your network open to people around you who may take advantage of your personal information. Anything you do on your wireless network may... Read More »

I am searching for a cheap laptop for my daughter dvd/rw wireless anyone any suggestions?

Dell laptops. Go to there website and you can find some really great deals. My fiance and I got a laptop for my cousins 16th birthday present and we found an excellent one that was light weight CD/... Read More »