If im another wireless network like my neighbors can they see what sites im searching?

Answer As long as on the network and sharing senter on your laptop. Network discovery needs to be off and file sharing needs to be off.And it also depends what router they have because some routers log wh... Read More »

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Neighbors wireless network.?

It sounds to me like the neighbors network is a private, yet open network. Your computer must be chosen as a guest computer using the software that came with their router. If this isn't the case ... Read More »

I work finding sites for cellular & PCS wireless telephone antennae. I would like to know how radio waves work and how they are able to carry voice and data information. What are these waves and do they exist naturally or do we set them up using elec?

Radio waves are a class of electromagnetic waves, specifically the lowest frequency, longest wavelength electromagnetic waves. Actually, the electromagnetic waves used in cellular & PCS transmissio... Read More »

How can i send messages to another person on my *wireless* network.?

I have found stickies invaluable - see link.A sort of post-it note, which can be used locally or sent to another PC using TCP/IP.Very easy to install & use...

How to Change a Lexmark Wireless Printer X4690 to Another Network?

When you move the location of your Lexmark X4690 printer and need to connect to a new wireless network, or if there are multiple wireless networks available in one location and you desire to switch... Read More »