If i've blocked them on facebook...!?

Answer If you block someone on facebook, you won't appear when they search your name on facebook. However, when they look through your mutual friends' friends, they should probably find your name in 'blac... Read More »

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Is it possible to delete someone on your blocked lists on facebook and still keep them blocked?

There is no option to delete the name from our blocked lists. If we block a person, we cannot see his/her profile on Facebook. it means that we automatically remove his/her name from our memories. ... Read More »

Some one blocked me in facebook, how to i can unblock them?

Only they can unblock you... that's the point of blocking someone. What would be the point of you blocking someone you didn't like if they could 'unblock' themselves??

Does facebook tell someone you've blocked them?

When you block a person your profile doesn't show up, so as you said you've blocked your mum's friend, so when she tries and searches you your profile won't come up :)

Does the peron i blocked on myspace know i blocked them?

I Believe only if they message you. At one time it wasn't possible with some of the settings for privacy. But so much has changed in the last few months since the change of majority ownership from ... Read More »