If someone has added me as a friend on facebook and I then make my profile unsearchable...?

Answer 1) If she uses public search tool she wont be able to see you, BUT if she click on your name somewhere on facebook she can see you2) Yes. until you keep the request and when she comes to your profi... Read More »

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Girls: ever look at/stalk a guy's Facebook profile who you don't have added as a friend?

Honestly, I think everyone has done it at least once. Its the equivalent of asking your best friend who that hot guy was that just passed by. Just so you can know if they are worth pursuing.

A guy added me as a friend on facebook....?

How long have you been speaking to this guy etc? The fact he talks about his ex a lot is a worrying sign. Obviously I don't know you're situation or anything, but what worries me here is that he sa... Read More »

How to Make Your Facebook Unsearchable?

If you lead a wild and crazy social media lifestyle, but hold a job that might frown upon your Facebook postings, or if you're a teacher who doesn't want your students to access your profile, you m... Read More »

Facebook friend list under profile picture are the people who view your profile most?

I believe the few people who pop-up as a preview of your friends when you open up your profile are the profiles YOU view the most/a lot. This is what I have seemed to observe when I look at my prof... Read More »