If someone you know very little send you a friend request?

Answer Ignoooooore

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Can you view someone private profile pictures on facebook if you send them a friend request?

ONLY if they accept you as a friend.Until they do, then the answer is NO.Even then, they can still restrict what you see!

How do I know if someone rejects my friend request on Facebook?

you won't know. if they completely deny it you will see that you have the option to add them as a friend again. if they just hit the not now button which is what most people do you won't see any di... Read More »

How do you know that someone has ignored your friend request on facebook?

You can't see, but if you try to friend them again, it will tell you that there is already a request pending. Also, you know they confirm if you get an email that says they confirmed your request. ... Read More »

When you send a friend request?

No, the only way they will be able to see your full profile is after they have accepted your friend request. I know this because I have tried looking at people's profiles before I have accepted the... Read More »