If someone you know very little send you a friend request?

Answer Ignoooooore

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When you send a friend request?

No, the only way they will be able to see your full profile is after they have accepted your friend request. I know this because I have tried looking at people's profiles before I have accepted the... Read More »

How do I send a friend request on Miniclip?

Look at the top of the screen you should see three tabs one says games, one says players, and one says sketch star. Click the one that says players now scroll down you should see a search thing cli... Read More »

How can i send one friend request to all my hotmail contacts?

Well you can just send an email to all of them, with your myspace url on there.Good luck :)

If you decline a friend request on myspace how come they can send you a message?

You don't have to be someone's friend to send them a message. And you have to block your profile to friends only so they can't see it.