If two computers are both connected your internet, do they both slow down?

Answer depends on your bandwidth available, playing a game rarely needs more than half a megabit/sec -downloading a file asks for full speed (average world speed 8 megabits second)so may temporarily slow ... Read More »

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Would having 2 computers connected wireless to a router slow down the other computers connection and speed?

We did the same thing you are doing! I have a computer in my room with a wireless card on my computer. My parents have the wireless router in their room. The only reason the internet would be slow ... Read More »

How to allow two machines(on a virtual network) to be connected statically and be connected to the internet?

So, how are the computer's connected to each other (cable between them, going to your Internet router, switch, etc)?If they are just connected to each other, you need to connect them to an Internet... Read More »

Can two computers be connected by cable,?

Yes they can. But it requires a particular cable. this cable is called a crossover cable.

Can the stuff I google be seen on other computers connected to the same Wi-Fi?

Once that data, information has been transferred in the internet and is stored somewhere, it's possible to see it. The location and the networks don't matter. The question is how to access it.If he... Read More »