If we move house would that mean the I.P address would change on our computers?

Answer Yes it will change. You will also be required to sign a new 12 month contract because of the change of address.I had to when I moved after having been living there for over 12 years and the IP addr... Read More »

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Would you buy a house that is a mess but is cheep or would you pay out for a house that is done up nice?

I would rather have the house that is a bit of a mess and do it up myself. I would then know that it was done the way I would want it done.

I moved to a different house address recently. would that affect my chances to get a loan from a bank?

If you've lived in ur house for less than 3years they will request for your previous address and they will find out from both of them

If you won £1million would you give up work and would that decision change if you won £5million?

I would totally giver up work... wait i don't work.I think i'm going to have to find a job first.

Has a letting agent let me move into a house that has no planning permission and no address?

So presumably no Council tax to pay, and with no address you cannot have any of the utilities. Are you typing this in a cafe.Explain it properly if you want some advice.UK