If we move house would that mean the I.P address would change on our computers?

Answer Yes it will change. You will also be required to sign a new 12 month contract because of the change of address.I had to when I moved after having been living there for over 12 years and the IP addr... Read More »

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What is an ip address, if i move house do i take it with me?

IP's are assigned by an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Home owners typically have 'dynamic' IP's that can change under a few conditions (even @ the same house).Unplugging, power outages, system ... Read More »

Has a letting agent let me move into a house that has no planning permission and no address?

So presumably no Council tax to pay, and with no address you cannot have any of the utilities. Are you typing this in a cafe.Explain it properly if you want some advice.UK

Is it possible for the police to trace fraud to a single house address through an ip address?

Technically each IP address is identifiable and if the user is registered with an Internet provider then it is possible to locate the customer account and hence any details associated with it.The p... Read More »

I have an IP address in my house connected to my computer: If I buy a laptop, will my IP address be different?

If you gonna to use both computer in network with one account by your ISP then you will unique internal IP address but same external IP address on all computers.All computers in your network (2 or ... Read More »