If you block someone on Facebook will they know or not?

Answer They will not get notified, but if they search for you, or try things like pokes or messages, you will be invisible to them. They will also be invisible to you.

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Someone is block my facebook network in my i am starts facebook?

You could try a proxy server..

How Do I Re-Block Someone on Facebook?

When you block a user on Facebook, he cannot find you in searches or see any of your activity on the site--you become invisible to him, and he becomes invisible to you. Blocking is reversible, and ... Read More »

How Do I Block a Fan on Facebook?

A page is a Facebook profile run by an official representative of a business, charity or other organisation. Rather than gathering friends, pages gather fans. A Facebook user becomes a fan of a pag... Read More »

How do you un block facebook?

Try Checking Browser Extensions and Check the Programs List to See if you Come Across the Blocker that you Used Once you Come Across it you Should Be Able to Find the Unblock Access Button or Somet... Read More »