If you delete somebody on facebook can they see that you have deleted them?

Answer No,facebook wont notify them if you un-friend them. But however,if that guy visits your profile,he will know it obviously. If you dont want that to happen block him . If you block him,he cant find ... Read More »

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How to delete deleted history!?

:P that's funny! :P Is your dad a computer expert?If you really want to get rid of all of the history you can go through the trouble of saving all of the files that you want and then changing the ... Read More »

My ex has put my 6 year old son and 11 month baby on facebook,I contacted facebook who deleted it,its on again?

If your ex is also the parent of your children, I can't see how Facebook have any right to remove the pictures. Its Facebook, not anything seedy.EDIT, after further info.Ok. Record everything he do... Read More »

When you delete something and then empty the recycle bin, where does the deleted file go?

After "deletion" it stays on the harddrive until it needs to be overwritten or the harddrive is formatted. I remember watching some fictional crime show and a boy managed to find some files that he... Read More »

If i delete a photo album from Facebook would it delete the photographs inside?

yes.. Just like when you're deleting a folder on your computer. If you just like to delete the album but not the photos, you might want to back up your photos first.