If you delete somebody on facebook can they see that you have deleted them?

Answer No,facebook wont notify them if you un-friend them. But however,if that guy visits your profile,he will know it obviously. If you dont want that to happen block him . If you block him,he cant find ... Read More »

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If i add someone on facebook , can the people that they have blocked but i havent see that i have added them ?

someone that is blocked or has someone blocked will never see eachother's names on facebook, unless they're tagged somewhere and it will just be text, not a link. so no.

If u delete someoene as a friend on facebook can they still see a message u sent them?

Yes, the mail will still go through if she deletes her account. The recipient of the mail will receive the message, but where the little avatar is with a picture of the person who sent it, that wil... Read More »

I've seen tops that rest with their large parts down but that flip up onto their handles when you spin them. What is the reason that they have a different equilibrium when they are spinning versus when they are not — CH, Renton, WA?

While I'm not an expert on these "tipple tops," I believe that I understand how they work. These tops have large round heads and look like wooden mushrooms. When you hold the handle (the mushroom's... Read More »

I was told by an electrician to use 130-volt bulbs, which he said were outlawed by the electric bulb makers because they last so long. He said that electricians can buy them and not the public. I found them and have used them for 5 years and he is ri?

When you use a bulb designed for 130 volts in a fixture that operates at 120 volts, the bulb's filament runs at less than its rated temperature. This temperature change has two consequences—one g... Read More »