If you delete someone from facebook can they still see what you are writing on your wall?

Answer Hi,Yes, they can see your updates but if changed in privacy settings then they are not able to see you updates. Thanks

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Block writing on facebook wall?

I think you can, click on privacy settings in top right hand corner, then profile privacy, check the box is ticked that says friends may write on my wall, then scroll down the box to customise, sta... Read More »

How can i stop people from writing on my wall on facebook?

Here is the link to change your timeline settings:… (first item)It sucks for now that it's either ALL friends could post on it, or NONE of em (but you lol)... Read More »

What is the point on writing on someones Facebook wall when you can just message them?

Ppl on FB are attention whores. They love the publicity and eat it up. Ok so people would post things on other pols wall say a photo of them or a status update of what they were doing. Next thing u... Read More »

If someone writes on your wall on Facebook, can you delete it?

Yes hover the mouse over the right hand side of the comment and an edit box will come up. Click delete.