If you delete someone from facebook can they still see what you are writing on your wall?

Answer Hi,Yes, they can see your updates but if changed in privacy settings then they are not able to see you updates. Thanks

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If someone writes on your wall on Facebook, can you delete it?

Yes hover the mouse over the right hand side of the comment and an edit box will come up. Click delete.

If you block someone on facebook, can they still see a public page linked to your account?

If yu block someone they cannot see anything on your account they cannot even find you on a search. If you have a separate music page you would have to put a block on them via that too of they will... Read More »

Is it possible to delete someone on your blocked lists on facebook and still keep them blocked?

There is no option to delete the name from our blocked lists. If we block a person, we cannot see his/her profile on Facebook. it means that we automatically remove his/her name from our memories. ... Read More »

When you unsuscribe from someone on facebook, can your old likes still be on their pictures?