If you get Instant (star) Coffee on you, is it as hard to get off as I hear from all my friends?

Answer Well, as you said, it can take hours of furious rubbing. Once you get a taste of Instant (star) Coffee, you crave nothing else, or at least I've been told so.I, of course, know exactly how to take ... Read More »

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How to Make Expresso From Instant Coffee?

Some would think that espresso is a certain type of coffee bean, but it's really just a small amount of very strong coffee. While you can spend a bit of money on fancy coffee and an espresso machin... Read More »

How to Make Espresso From Instant Coffee?

The difference between coffee and espresso can be confusing for many people, although the distinction is quite simple. Espresso is essentially concentrated coffee. It typically is made using an esp... Read More »

When I heat a cup of water in my microwave oven to 200 degrees, then put a spoonful of instant coffee in the hot water, it foams up. Hot water from a coffee maker does not do this. Why does water heated in a microwave oven do this — WAH, Library, P?

The microwave oven is superheating the water to a temperature slightly above its boiling temperature. It can do this because it doesn't help water boil the way a normal coffee maker does. For water... Read More »

Instant coffee?

Can't say I've noticed any difference.Unless by putting the milk in first the coffee granules float on top and deposit themselves around the cup rim for you to taste neat. because boiling water bur... Read More »