If you get Instant (star) Coffee on you, is it as hard to get off as I hear from all my friends?

Answer Well, as you said, it can take hours of furious rubbing. Once you get a taste of Instant (star) Coffee, you crave nothing else, or at least I've been told so.I, of course, know exactly how to take ... Read More »

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What is Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee is, essentially, ground coffee that has been freeze-dried. When rehydrated with hot water, it makes a beverage that is somewhat similar to coffee brewed from ground, roasted beans. I... Read More »

Need an instant coffee?

Each to their own then em, we always have Douwe Egberts Rich these days, better than all the others. Same as Boxtops. I only buy it when it's on offer thoughDo you want instant or proper coffee? I... Read More »

Instant coffee?

Can't say I've noticed any difference.Unless by putting the milk in first the coffee granules float on top and deposit themselves around the cup rim for you to taste neat. because boiling water bur... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee soared in popularity in the mid-20th century after becoming a global consumer food product distributed by Nestle. This fast, hot drink was produced entirely from coffee beans using s... Read More »