If you get asked for tech help a lot, what services could a company provide to help you help others?

Answer First off a comprehensive FAQ section on the website is a good idea. With a "forum like" area for asking specific questions that don't seem to fit the FAQ exactly, that others can contribute to may... Read More »

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I badly need help with this finance.please anyone who could help i will be really greatful.pleaseee help.plzzz?

Please help me help others Twitter users only:)x?

Firstly I'd like to say what a great thing you are doing for other peopleI personally like the idea of offering support for people in society who are suffering.I have now started to follow you on t... Read More »

Help help help help help help help what is Server Hangup?

All it means is the server stops working for whatever reason.Capacity overload is usually the main reason.That means that there are too many users on it and it can't cope!That's when servers crash.

HELP.Been injured at work, need time off, what should the company do!! HELP?

Your boss has to by law, enter your accident into the firms Accident book and you have to sign it.This should have been done at the time. You would need to see your GP for a sick note which you wil... Read More »