If you get asked for tech help a lot, what services could a company provide to help you help others?

Answer First off a comprehensive FAQ section on the website is a good idea. With a "forum like" area for asking specific questions that don't seem to fit the FAQ exactly, that others can contribute to may... Read More »

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If a company don't provide a efficient answering services to callers?

It's hard to identify how much time and/or business/money a company loses when they don't have adequate answering service. In this day and age with all the technology that's available it would sho... Read More »

What Are Three Services That Ecosystems Provide?

An ecosystem contains many different kinds of organisms, such as plants, animals and microorganisms, which interact with each other and the nonliving parts of the environment. As a result of these ... Read More »

What services do the jobcentre provide?

That sounds about rightthey give jobs and get interviews to people who have been on job seekers for years and dont want to job but if you're after a better one- I am too!- they won't help youif you... Read More »

What does the business aim 'to provide services' mean?

What on earth is there to explain? Means just what it says.This sort of question is probably better posted under homework help.