If you go on someones facebook and send threatening messages can you go to jail?

Answer Ok so its slightly confusing. Did you use someone elses Facebook or your own.Either way, if you have sent messages with any threat in it then you can get in trouble with the police, if whoever you ... Read More »

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Facebook inbox won't load + can't send messages?

You know, I have same problems since today morning, so I suppose their server is down at the moment. All we can do now is waiting (I've reported btw).I'll add an "edit" here if mine's working again... Read More »

How do You Send Text Messages to a Mobile From Facebook?

First log on to Facebook. Click on the messages icon on the top left part of the screen, and click on "Send a new message." At the bottom right of the window that opens up, there should be a mobile... Read More »

Can i email facebook admin to send me deleted messages?

Sorry, but Facebook can not retrieve you deleted messages. You can try by taking legal actions, but you hardly win the right to see deleted messages.

When i send messages on my facebook, it shows it as a mobile phone?

Because it recognise devices smaller than PCs as a mobile phone, sometimes, Tablets can be recognise as Tablet.