If you had a virus that would be guaranteed to corrupt every computer connected to the web would you use it?

Answer No because it would mess my computer up so I wouldn't be able to use it!

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If every job in the world payed the same wage, then would job would you do?

A job where you can help people maybe a doctor or a counsellor a job where you get a nice feeling at the end of it

Which would you rather: a penny that doubles every day for a month, or £1,000,000?

Well, a penny which doubles every day for 30 days reaches 536870912p which is £5,368,709.12 which is 5 times more so yes please!

What would make me £30 a week guaranteed on ebay?

E-bay's awful for making money, You have to pay listing fee AND a 17.5% charge on the things you sell, Bang .. there goes your profit! Buyers market dude, sorry

I would like a free anti virus whitch does not effefct my computer?

go to and download AVG free