If you had a virus that would be guaranteed to corrupt every computer connected to the web would you use it?

Answer No because it would mess my computer up so I wouldn't be able to use it!

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My anti virus scan said I have no virus' but my computer is sending random emails to everyone!?

You might have the same virus I had the other week and all my security and anti virus went wrong and would not work. I tried reinstalling A.V.G. free ant that would not work, so I went back to A.V.... Read More »

My computer got a virus had a message saying virus with a red box saying i need too click here too update?

If you can open Task Manager, click on File and select New Task (Run) and type in explorer.exeThis should bring your desktop back. You then need to download the following free programs to remove th... Read More »

Hi I have a virus on my computer does any one know of any 100% free anti virus software Thanx?

if u have a virus , then rit now, go to and scan ur pc, its free and very good. avast antivirus is free, so is bitdefender 8