If you have an external hard-drive, how do you use it to back everything up ?

Answer I would recommend you use a hard disk cloning software.Basically, it create a clone of your current hard disk.Use this link…

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Can I put everything on my external hard drive?

yes - you can if you decide to create a mirror image backup of your entire system drive and store it on your external drive, including your operating system,settings and data. Most software of this... Read More »

What is the difference in size between a 2.5" external hard drive and a 3.5" external hard drive?

well one is bigger than the other and the 2.5" hard drive is more expensive but apart form that there is not much more difference than that

Buying new hard-drive, how would I back everything up, and then place it onto my new one?

If it were me, and I am assuming your getting the bigger drive for storage, I would fit the new drive in as a internal slave and transfer everything [files, data, etc] on it to the new drive except... Read More »

How do I go about adding the saved data on an external hard drive back on to a computer?

Time Machine asks you a lot of questions. It doesn't actually just do it, so if you have a true full system backup (only for OS 10.07 or later), you can restore all. The options for TM vary with th... Read More »