If you have to share a photo to enter a competition on facebook does it have to be made public?

Answer Well of course it does.If it wasn't, how would others see it?

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I have got a leaflet saying to enter a competition i need to make a purchase,is this allowed in the uk?

Only if the competition is free to enter, free to find out the winner of and free to claim the prize of - that means that the cost of the promotional packs of the perfume has to be the same as thos... Read More »

BBC NEWS Website does not have share to Facebook Icon?

I just looked on BBC news website - there is a FB share icon on the page for each individual news story - please see examples below

Facebook commenting problem - I have to hit the 'enter' button to send a comment?

Press Shift+Enter to go to the next line instead of posting the comment. If you want to be really careful just compose the comment in a separate text editor then paste it into the comment box.(This... Read More »

Does the photo for a provisional driving licence have to be a passport photo?

yes if u go to large post offices or supermarkets they have machines that take the pics approved for passports and licences