If you like something on facebook and unlike it really quick?

Answer Unfortunately he will see it. This has happened to me on so many ocassions it is the most emberassing thing. :SDont think about it cuase truth is he probably doesnt care. Think about it if some ran... Read More »

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Unable to unlike a like on facebook?

You Should Be Able to Unlike it If you Press Unlike If it Doesint Unlike than its a Problem With Facebook Please Contact Facebook at the Help Center and Report the Problem to them

Facebook like and then unlike will they see the notification?

If you like someone's comment on Facebook then unlike it and block them will they still get a notification?

There is no need to block him, if he was online at the time you liked the comment, then there is a possibility that he did see it, but if you unliked it straight away he would get a notification, b... Read More »

Facebook - If you accidently like something, then you unlike it does it still give notification?

If you noticed it quick enough and pressed 'unlike' - it'll be fine - there'll be nothing there!