If you lost your password, can you log on to your computer without having to farmat it?

Answer Try this:When you reach the logon screen hit ctrl+alt+del twice to bring up the manual logon then type Administrator in for the user and leave the password blank, this should get you into windows, ... Read More »

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Would you be lost without your computer?

yes i need you guys,youre my escapism from 2.4 children!!!!!!!!!

How can you get facebook to send you an email with your facebook password without having to...?

Unfortunatly there is no way to. Facebook will send you an email with a way to access your account and reset your password. Of course, once you reset your password you can always switch your passwo... Read More »

How do you reset your password if you have forgoten it, for your computer to turn it on?

To make a new account with Administrative privledges....reboot the computer.....when you see the black screen...tap f8 repeatedly till you see a black screen with white with you... Read More »

How to wipe your hard drive without the disk and without having to take it to the shop?

The disk is essential for wipe erasing your hard drive so you probably cannot do that but what you can do is uninstall all unused softwares and delete all files that are unused for a long time and ... Read More »