If you lost your password, can you log on to your computer without having to farmat it?

Answer Try this:When you reach the logon screen hit ctrl+alt+del twice to bring up the manual logon then type Administrator in for the user and leave the password blank, this should get you into windows, ... Read More »

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I lost my admin computer password! HELP ME!!!?

go ask your parents for the password and quit trying to get past it

Lost my WinVista admin password Was only account on my system I don't have any password reset disk plz help?

I had this problem, in the end I had to a system recovery back to factory conditions. I cant remember but it was either by pressing F10 or F11 before the computer restarted it gives you the option... Read More »

I have a 2nd computer forgot the password how do i get it started its xp windows it boots up to the password?

easy,try all the methods mentioned in this article:…there must have one method that can help you.

Lost Password And Everything........Help?

You can register a new account, then contact the Administrator and explain this. It worked for me.