If you read this, would you think it's too personal?

Answer If it makes you feel better posting it on facebook then i guess go ahead and do it.. it doesn't really sound too personal to me, it sounds more like a quote you found over the internet.. sometimes ... Read More »

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Can I personal fitness train Please Read!?

To me i honestlythink thats a pretty bright idea i mean i dont see were it says its against the law but hey from my understanding i see it as a great idea.helping people stay in shape is the key. a... Read More »

Please can you read my personal statement and give me some feed back?

Too long.A CV (including pesonal statement) should be brief and just a snapshot of you. The rest you would tell them in an interview.Your personal statement should be a single, small paragraph whi... Read More »

How to read labels and avoid toxic chemicals in personal care products?

We should all eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables every day to help keep our bodies and minds in good shape. Steaming your vegetables is better for your health than boiling them, as ... Read More »

Would personal liability as a self employed carpenter cover my personal injury claim as I've broken my leg?

Liability insurance covers you in the event that you cause injury to a third party. As a self employed carpenter you need to purchase health insurance or perhaps workers compensation depending upon... Read More »