If you're connected to wi-fi but using the twitter app does it charge?

Answer It should still use wifi, if you look on settings-> wireless an network settings -> go to the bottom -> untick use packet data Then you will just be connected to wifi but obv if you want to use con... Read More »

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Can i charge car battery while still connected to car?

Yes, absolutely. You do whenever you switch your car on and it is the same when you use a power pack to jump start the car.

My iPhone Will Not Charge When Connected?

Usually, you can find a simple explanation for an iPhone's failure to charge. Sometimes the cords aren't properly plugged in, sometimes you have to reset the outlet, and sometimes your computer goe... Read More »

Can You Charge a Laptop Battery Without Being Connected to a Computer?

The battery charging circuits on a laptop are part of the laptop's motherboard. The circuits regulate the voltage and charging rate of the battery to protect it and help preserve the storage capaci... Read More »

How to Charge Deep Cell Batteries Connected in Parallel?

Deep cell batteries are more commonly referred to as deep-cycle batteries. They are usually flooded-cell lead-acid batteries, but innovative battery technology has introduced gel and absorbed glass... Read More »