Illegal Operation!?

Answer Usually this means your computer attempted to overwrite either a piece of memory in RAM that it wasn't allowed to, or your computer attempted to change something in the program it didn't have acces... Read More »

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What Is an Illegal Operation?

An illegal operation is a command a computer cannot execute or does not understand. The computer will return an error to the user, alerting her to the fact that it failed to execute a command, and ... Read More »

Is it illegal to have the inside light of a car on whilst driving if not illegal is it unsafe?

My car has a small spot light that shines straight down into the passenger well - i do not even notice its on - (which is why I have ran the battery flat once). Suggest a small map reading light fo... Read More »

What Are Operation Contracts?

In the realm of computer programming and computer science, operation contracts are a way to specify or document how a particular function will change different elements within a program. Unlike an ... Read More »

What Is a Gynecomastia Operation?

A gynecomastia operation is a cosmetic breast reduction surgery for men. Men who have gynecomastia have developed female-like enlarged breasts. Breast reduction surgery and liposuction are the two ... Read More »