Im 13 and my mum wants to go through my private chats on facebook, has she the right to do that?

Answer your 13 of course she does

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On facebook is that a joke thing that wants you to click to see who has a crush on you and who hates you?

My friend uses it and wanted me to join, but thought it was sooo rubbish, all them stupid messages and whatnot. I've also heard that there are viruses to be picked up there and also that possible f... Read More »

Is there any way of viewing someones private facebook photos without going through any surveys?

yes try sniperspy, it is a smart stealth one that can help spy on facebook:…

Am i right in thinking that if the NHS pays for you to train you cant work in a private hospital?

That should be the case but it isn't. Many newly qualified nurses go into private healthcare because its better money and there just aren't the jobs in the NHS.The NHS wont make them pay the bursar... Read More »

Is the random public chats on tinychat facebook safe?

Yes Yes No :Dズ丂╋乇レノイム