I'm 14 nearly 15 what sort of jobs can i do?

Answer not really, at your age you're severely limited what you can do

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What sort of jobs can you get at 16?

part timedepartment storesgrocery storesfast foodcar washnope

I am 14, i was just wondering what sort of jobs you can do?

When I wiz fourteen, I bagged tatties in a local shop!! I don't think ye wid be allowed tae dae any pub work. Get yersel' tae the job centre and see whit they say aboot folk workin' afore they le... Read More »

What sort of jobs can i do with children?

Child minder, Supervision at a youth club or after school club, Classroom assistant, Helper for special needs children on a bus

What sort of jobs could I do on a saturday at the age of 15?

You could make a lemonade stand, or walk dogs. Or I'll give you $20 a day to wipe my butt. You'll have to fill out a W-4 though.