I'm 15 - should I bother getting Facebook?

Answer Don't worry about getting Facebook. I'm also 15, and I have it. It really does 'widen your social circle' since you get to know your friends and classmates in a different way.Anyway, signing up doe... Read More »

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Does it bother you when someone likes your sad or angry status on Facebook?

I think your taking it the wrong way. It sounds like they are just saying "I hear you".. I personally, when I click on the "like" button is because I simply agree with the statement they are saying... Read More »

Did you bother to change your Facebook profile to a cartoon character?

Yess, I changed mine to belle from beauty and the beast but I'm not sure if it counts lol, coz its a disney character not a cartoon character

Facebook friends keep posting chain/untrue statements. Should I bother correcting them?

My brother does it, complete with links of sources to prove he is right and they are wrong. And I find it hillarious. I leave people to it because I can't be bothered to argue with stupid which is ... Read More »

Why bother......dont bother..typed in extra but ss must have cut out?