I'm 15 - should I bother getting Facebook?

Answer Don't worry about getting Facebook. I'm also 15, and I have it. It really does 'widen your social circle' since you get to know your friends and classmates in a different way.Anyway, signing up doe... Read More »

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Should i bother getting a pension?

Yes it's a good idea, you will thank yourself in years to come. Some employers have pensions schemes, where you put in say £25 a month and your employer matches it. Alternatively you could investi... Read More »

Facebook friends keep posting chain/untrue statements. Should I bother correcting them?

My brother does it, complete with links of sources to prove he is right and they are wrong. And I find it hillarious. I leave people to it because I can't be bothered to argue with stupid which is ... Read More »

I am getting threats of violence through messages over facebook. Should i report it to the police?

You should report it NOW. Threatening others life is a crime. Your life is in danger, so you need to take extra precaution. Tell your family,friend,anyone so that they aware of your situation.

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