I'm a bit new to all this, what exactly does SPAM mean?

Answer Spam.Stuff you post merely for posting sake. Filling without content. "Empty calories" so to speak.It is from this sketch by Monthy Python the name for this 'cultural abomination' has spawned;http:... Read More »

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What exactly does this mean?

It's one of the best known parables of Jesus.For further reading:…

Now i am well confused. this word diffuse, what exactly does it mean?

Yeaahhhh... the word is "defuse."Disarm, prevent from "blowing up" into something worse.I can see how you might have thought it was diffuse, as in to spread out, make less intense, soften ... but i... Read More »

When you buy a used vehicle "sold as seen" what exactly does this mean?

This is the law, taken from the Trading Standards website:"When you buy goods from a trader, you enter into a legally binding contract governed by the Sale of Goods Act 1979, as amended by the Sale... Read More »

I have recently been burgled. My insurance policy is "new-for-old". What does this mean exactly.?

The earlier answer is right - I think you're upset because (as well as having been burgled - my sympathies, incidentally) you feel hard done by because you paid out loads for something which can no... Read More »