I'm buying a new phone but it needs a micro sim, i have a standard sim, can i turn it into a micro sim?

Answer they can be cut down I wouldn't bother - simply get another micro-sim and register it for the phone explaining that you want your existing number transferred.... Read More »

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How to Turn a Regular SIM Into a Micro-SIM?

Turning a normal SIM card into a micro-SIM card allows a user to use their same phone number and service provider with Apple's micro-SIM slot equipped products. Since only products such as the iPho... Read More »

My LG Phone Won't See the Micro SD Card?

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How can I transfer photos from my phone's memory card (micro SD) onto my laptop?

You phone should have come with a USB lead and your manual will tell you how to do it for your type of phone. Worse case scenario to you Micro SD card and its adaptor to somewhere like boots and g... Read More »