Im having virgin 60MB installed Monday?

Answer My friend chillax, I work for virgin media and I can tell you right now that we use fibre optic broadband therefore the exchange has no effect. This isn't the Stone Age where you get 1 or 2mb on a ... Read More »

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New Virgin super-hub just installed, Mac connected ok, but can't connect the printer!?

The laptop may not not recognise the printer connected via USB, because each so-called "printer" in the list of printers that you can print to has to be set up for a specific method of connecting i... Read More »

Will i get my job seekers allowance tomorrow instead of monday because of bank holiday monday?

yh sometimes but other times they fook up and it messes with you payment

What is the nightlife like in blackpool on a monday also where are the best places to go (on a monday)?

There are a few top venues open, if your oldish theres usually a tribute band playing at the sands venue, then theres also syndicate, che bar, sanuk and NTK or summat like that, oh and yates too (n... Read More »

Have installed the Zone labs update and re-installed the firewall, can I safely delete previous updates?

I would say you can. If anything goes wrong then simply reinstall. It should be fine though uninstalling old updates. I am basing this on the fact that new major software updates should overwrite t... Read More »