I'm leaving for a trip tomorrow (today)...?

Answer setting > control panel > user accounts > create passwordIdk about laptops.. thats how i do it on my comp! Good luck!!

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How to Write a Fun Letter for Someone Leaving on a Trip?

Writing a letter to a friend about to embark on a trip is a nice way of relaying important travel and safety advice, as well as giving tips on places to go, if you have been to that destination you... Read More »

:)~~~~PLeAsE pLeAsE HELP me with a farewell email at work as im leaving my job today?

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Is it possible to buy today and Rent tomorrow?

I think it's 5 years before you can rent out your ex-council house. I might be wrong, but it should all be explained in the paperwork you have off the council. If you sell up too soon you also have... Read More »

Hair today,gone tomorrow?