I'm looking to start a career in advertising/marketing/PR work...?

Answer I would be happy to share my business opportunity with you, its against the rules to post anything here so you will have to e-mail me if you would like more information.

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How do you start a career in labouring/physical work?

Can anyone suggest me a field to start a new career againI want to work again after 5 years gap.?

Why is it that everyone who asks these questions is on level 1, has no answers and has only asked one question? Free advertising for shi t websites that noone has heard of. If you hav'nt worked for... Read More »

Anyone decided/changed a career path after a Career Counseling session or online tests How did it work How$?

Be careful with Careers Counselling, some people are in it just for the money. A friend of mine was desperate for a job, the company did a nice profile and gave him some interesting web addresses B... Read More »

I want to change my career and work with animals.Could anyone suggest some career options?

Hi, I read you would prefer to not sit down for long periods. My guess being working with animals would entail much/mostly standing, so that's good.Below are a few suggestions I can think of :-- Ve... Read More »