Im making a minecraft server, something is wrong in the cmd file when i press run.bat D:?

Answer Well, beta builds are sketchy, BUTTTTTest 1: Change "snooper-enabled" To "false" that may solve your problems. That looks like it will solve your problem.OR! :D It seems your Java is having probl... Read More »

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How can I stop my MineCraft server lagging when I have a teamspeak server running at the same time?

Does anyone know a 24/7 minecraft server where I can actually do something?

hello, I run and the minecraft server are a small community and have between 3 and 15 players on at a time. We have several worlds, including a fully regi... Read More »

Hi! my front right wheel on my car is making a squeeky noise when l'm driving it stops when l press the breaks?

yes and it's sort of expensiveget the mechanic to check the (i think it's called) cv jointsit's important - wheel can come car did the same thing.

Best way to advertise my Minecraft server and my new Minecraft advertising website.?