I'm not a facebook stalker but...I'm currently terrified!!?

Answer I've just checked my Facebook profile and I can't see any way to see who else has been looking at it.Don't worry.

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Whos stalker on my facebook?

You won't know who's been stalking on your facebook. There's no application for that. Sorry.

How do you do that stalker thing on facebook?

when you log in, go to the search bar and search stalker check. its the first one and whe you click it, it will automatically find your top 10 stalkers on faecbook.

Would this make me a Facebook "stalker" (lol)!?

You HAVE to click.The whole point of facebook is to feed your curiosity/stalk and discover things about/probe other people. Not only is it fun but it's educational!And what have you got to lose by ... Read More »

Are these fake facebook profiles my stalker?

Why are you bothering to talk to these people at all - methinks you like the attention dear - does it make you feel wanted that you have a stalker ???My advice - stop using Facebook or at least clo... Read More »