Im not allowed to have a facebook...HELP!?

Answer 1) Sit your parents down to discuss this issue in a calm and relaxed way. Tell them that you would really appreciate the opportunity to explain why you think you should be allowed to have such an a... Read More »

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Is a digital photo allowed in a employment tribunal, as im sure the integrity of digital photos is not allowed?

Difficult one this, it depends on what part it will play in defence. The best place to look is on the employment tribunal web site which will give you a list of do's and dont's. http://www.employme... Read More »

Why are people not allowed to stand up in moving cars, but they're allowed to stand up on moving trains?

this is a boring but simple answer, stopping distance, a car travelling at 70mph stops in feet , a train travelling at same speed stops in 100s of feet the kinetic energy is much stronger in a car.

Am I allowed to do this?

If you say, "no one sells them", then that implies you're going to make and sell your own copies.You would need licenses for that, under both copyright and trademark laws, even if the products are ... Read More »

Is my mum allowed to hit me?

Sometimes grandparents and other parents think they should support the parent when there is a dispute, because they assume the parent always knows what's best. You don't mention a father so it look... Read More »