Im not allowed to have a facebook...HELP!?

Answer 1) Sit your parents down to discuss this issue in a calm and relaxed way. Tell them that you would really appreciate the opportunity to explain why you think you should be allowed to have such an a... Read More »

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How long do you have to have a provisional drivers licence before you are allowed to apply for a full licence?

as long as you are 17 year old then you can apply for a test all parts but wether you have the knowledge and ability to pass is another thing

Should Parents Be Allowed to Have Facebook?

If you're that bothered then you can add her to your Limited Profile section, that way she can't comment on your status etc &can only see certain things. You need to tweak your privacy settings if ... Read More »

Am i allowed to have more than one ISA account?

Is landlord allowed to have a copy of my mailbox key?

As the landlord is the owner of the property he is entitled to the keys for any and all parts. The mailbox while communal is still apart of the property and as such they are within their right to h... Read More »