I'm on my brother's Facebook account, what should I put?

Answer omg omg omg your so nasty i love it! :Dwrite:"shaving my public hair and sticking it on my face so it looks like i have a beard" "im ugly and i show it""i really want to be more like my big sister ... Read More »

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I have no bank account and I cannot open one.. can i get paid from my work in to my brothers account?

I suspect a fake facebook account luring girls. What should I do?

Hi Ant.I understand your concern, and in your place i would probably feel just the same, however, as you probably already know, this is a delicate matter, so it is not easy to say "do this" or "do ... Read More »

Should I get a Facebook account?

Your parents will only know if one of your friends tells them, or if your parents looked you up. Listen to your parents, they say things with good reason. Employers can look at it and so can scho... Read More »

Should I delete my Facebook account?

If all it does is depress you, then delete your account. Actually, deactivate since Facebook won't delete any account. This way, if you decide in the future you want to go back, your page will be... Read More »