I'm on my brother's Facebook account, what should I put?

Answer omg omg omg your so nasty i love it! :Dwrite:"shaving my public hair and sticking it on my face so it looks like i have a beard" "im ugly and i show it""i really want to be more like my big sister ... Read More »

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I have no bank account and I cannot open one.. can i get paid from my work in to my brothers account?

Are the Jonas Brothers on Facebook or MySpace?

yep. here's the link......... (to their myspace) and im pretty sure their on both, but im positive their on myspace.

How can you trust brothers you met randomly on facebook?

You can't trust anyone you meet on the internet

My fiancé has found out I have a Facebook account he wasn't aware of. I use that account to chat to other guys?

Why are you asking such a question when you already know the answer ?!! Would you have stayed with him if it was him who talked to dirty girls behind your back ?!