I'm pretty sure I won't be able to but worth a try,?

Answer In order to use that messenger app, your account would have to be activated, so it is not possible to de activate Facebook and use the messenger app.

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Do u think this girl is pretty shes a model but is she actually pretty?

i personally don't actually think she's very pretty. in all those pictures she does look nice but i think most of that is artificial beauty. like from professional make up clothes camera shots etc.... Read More »

Pretty pretty please fill out my survey!!!?

Way too much information requested here.I am happy to go out to a restaurant or a good pub for the evening. A quiz night makes it more interesting!!

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If you're unable even to reach your desktop, you'll need to use a working computer to download and burn a file to create a live CD/DVD/flash drive. You then use it to boot your problem computer.Thi... Read More »

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