I'm pretty sure I won't be able to but worth a try,?

Answer In order to use that messenger app, your account would have to be activated, so it is not possible to de activate Facebook and use the messenger app.

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need help buying first pc but not sure if its a reasonable quality and not sure if its worth the price?

Reported for advert :-) I'm sure you can bring up other ads and compare. It looks reasonable if the price was competitive. Is it a brand name or one someone has DIYed together ?

Pretty sure i can't use vintage plates on a new PX125, but how likely is it that i'd get pulled over?

"how harsh are the police on this kind thing," - very"think i'd get a slap on the wrist and told to put the new plate on" - Possibly the first time, but ride around with illegal plates and you'll e... Read More »

My laptop often turns itself off and I'm pretty sure it's down to overheating. How can I prevent this?

I had this on a laptop once - I think it was to do with the glue around the fan?Keep the air inlet / outlet free from obstruction in a well ventilated area and don't use the computer for extended p... Read More »

Should i repare my car if im not sure that it will worth it?

Sounds like you are referring to motor mounts or transmission mounts.We don't know if it's worth fixing since you did not tell us what you are driving.Since you're acting like your car isn't worth ... Read More »