I'm thinking of collecting old people in an archive. is there any reason why i shouldn't?

Answer Why not, but Social Security had that idea first.

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Why are some people more photogenic than other people, is there a reason?

1. I think it could be inherited? Like the genes from the parents or so.2. Depends on how you pose. Different postures will make the light hit you in different ways3. Maybe its just you thinking th... Read More »

I am thinking of upgrading to widows vista but some people tell me there are problems with it . ?

Don't do it! We got Vista and it's been Hell ever since. Many software programs don't have compatible versions so you won't be able to run them. We had to run my Samsung Media Studio and Kodak Ea... Read More »

Why do people just delete people off Facebook for no reason?

Wen I move to my new school, I'm deleting some people from my facebook cause I hardly talk to them but they still add me just cause they know me. I like adding ppl who i can talk to from time to ti... Read More »

Computer came back from the shop and the reason I sent it there is still there, why?

I know what the problem is its easily fixed but it needs to be fixed by some one that knows what there doing it seems this shop does not have a clue.