Im trying to connect my psp to my bt voyager home hub with difficulty. Someone please help!?

Answer The BT Home Hub is a complete piece of c*rap. Just a re-branded speedtouch modem, it's cheap, nasty and unreliable.Had many problems with them and I would recommend getting a different router. Even... Read More »

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Can I connect to my work PC from home?

Talk to your IT people and ask if its possible for a VPN connection to the work network. This will allow you to see work files/folders, connect to the mail server if their is an internal one. Even ... Read More »

How to Connect Home Cinema?

To connect home cinema, unscrew the binding posts at the back of the receiver to expose the terminal holes and locate the HDMI jacks. Connect the HDMI cable to your source ( DVD, Satellite, etc.) ... Read More »

How do i connect a bt infinity home hub to a sky hd box?

Use a ethernet cable and plug it in to the green socket on your sky box.

How to Connect Home Speakers to PC?

To connect a home speaker to the PC, make sure an appropriate cable is available. This cable must have plugs that can be connected both to the computer and to the speaker. One end of the cable has ... Read More »