Im trying to connect my psp to my bt voyager home hub with difficulty. Someone please help!?

Answer The BT Home Hub is a complete piece of c*rap. Just a re-branded speedtouch modem, it's cheap, nasty and unreliable.Had many problems with them and I would recommend getting a different router. Even... Read More »

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Can Someone Please Help Me With My Blackberry Playbook............i Have Been Trying?

There is no fully working Skype app for the playbook.To access the downloads folder, go to the apps world and install the free Air browser. rojash, many thanks I have done that and now got rid of i... Read More »

My iphone wont connect to the new iTunes 11 someone please help!!!?

First you have to reset your old settings in Itunes 11.....In the top left corner click the little icon, then click Show Menu Bar.Click on View > Show SidebarClick on View > Show Status Bar.Your sc... Read More »

Help please trying to unroot my nexus 7 with the one click method?

go to android forums and ask in the nexus 7 root section. they will be better to assist you there,

I am trying to format my pc to factory settings but im struggling with windows 7 please help!?

The system drive is created automatically when you first install Windows 7. It's used as a boot drive in case you decide to use Bitlocker to encrypt the rest of the drive.If you are ok with complet... Read More »