Im trying to write a cv for a part time job like any part time job what do i need to include?

Answer Details - name address phone number, no dob or emailPersonal statement - about you, ie your honest, hardworking, get with people (obv in sentences)Work history - if any, date employed, work title a... Read More »

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Hi, i got a permanent part time job of 28 hrs, and working in other job as part time for 20 hrs, i want to?

Your tax allowance will be set against the job that pays the mostyou will probably get no tax allowance from the second jobTo work out how much tax you will pay, you would need to tell us what your... Read More »

Is it legal to make a full time worker redundant and then employ new part time staff at the same time.?

if you have been made redundant from your job then they cannot hire new staff for the same job because your job technically no longer exists. if this is the case you have the right to take legal ac... Read More »

When every in your department is getting over time and you are getting part time hours and is a full time empl?

Nope............your part benefits............if you don't like it quit..........thousands would love to have your job..........

Part-time job, 15 in the uk, applying via email, how to write it?

Realistically you should write a CV, it's an universal document to show your personal achievements and who you are with basic details about you.The CV should consist of your Address, Email, contact... Read More »