Important! i am with virgine media brodband etc will it show my internet history/?

Answer Your bills do NOT show the sites you have visited or your Browsing History.If any ISP did that then every ones bills would have to be deliveredin a dump truck, wouldn't they?However ANY ISP is requ... Read More »

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Does Internet History Show up on the Internet Bill!?

Nope. Don't worry. It has never been on my bill.

What do you need to start a networking company like virgin media or sky brodband?

You will need a licence from the government before even considering such a venture;…You will need that to get access to the telephone lines and their excha... Read More »

Why is it important to market a film across a variety of different media?

I guess you must be a refugee from a former Soviet block country so are totally unaware of the basic principles of capitalism (SEE LINK) ..Once you learn the basics it should be obvious ... ... jus... Read More »

Can a virus or hacker delete important media files on persons computer?

Hi,Yes, there is a chance of deletion, if your PC is infected with malware. There is a possibility as well, if your PC had an intrusion.But generally, home PC users need not worry about hackers as ... Read More »