Important! i am with virgine media brodband etc will it show my internet history/?

Answer Your bills do NOT show the sites you have visited or your Browsing History.If any ISP did that then every ones bills would have to be deliveredin a dump truck, wouldn't they?However ANY ISP is requ... Read More »

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Does Internet History Show up on the Internet Bill!?

Nope. Don't worry. It has never been on my bill.

What do you need to start a networking company like virgin media or sky brodband?

You will need a licence from the government before even considering such a venture;…You will need that to get access to the telephone lines and their excha... Read More »

Will my browsing history in incognito show up in opendns?

The incognito window does not remember history or cookies on your computer. That is all it does, any data recorded by websites or the network you use is the same as normal browsing.If data collecti... Read More »

If you have a virus and share internet connection in one house will it show up on a scan?

I think I understand your question.. if one computer that shares the internet with other computers has a virus, it will not show up or spread on to the other computers or their scans; the virus is ... Read More »