Impromptu Skit Ideas?

Answer Incorporating skits into the classroom engages the intelligences, as acting students must draw on various learning styles, such as interpersonal, linguistic and bodily-kinesthetic. Spontaneous skit... Read More »

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Team Skit Ideas?

Skits are one way to bring kids together in a group setting, whether at camp, school, church or any other social gathering. Skits entertain the kids who make up the audience and help the actors to ... Read More »

Cool Skit Ideas?

Whether you are planning a skit alone or with a group, it can be an entertaining way to show others your acting skills and wit. Skits are short plays or performances that one or several people can ... Read More »

Improv Skit Ideas?

When actors perform a spontaneous, unscripted play it is called improvisational, or "improv," theatre. In improv, actors must develop their ability to interact with other performers while possessin... Read More »

Mascot Skit Ideas?

It is tireless work for a mascot to keep the audience at a game or event entertained and excited, but these ideas can help. These mascot skit ideas are starting points you can use as a mascot to pu... Read More »