Impromptu Skit Ideas?

Answer Incorporating skits into the classroom engages the intelligences, as acting students must draw on various learning styles, such as interpersonal, linguistic and bodily-kinesthetic. Spontaneous skit... Read More »

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Kid's Skit Ideas?

Role-playing and performing skits may seem like child's play, but it actually allows kids to explore complex social ideas, obstacles and complications. It also teaches about self-control, as kids t... Read More »

Dental Skit Ideas?

Dental skits are staged for people of all ages to help them understand the risks associated with bad dental health and the pros of good dental hygiene. These skits do not have to be for children, s... Read More »

Short Skit Ideas?

You don't have to slave over a script for months to create a memorable night at the theatre. Short skits performed one after another can provide fast-paced comedy and a huge variety of performances... Read More »

Random Skit Ideas?

"Analysing comedy is like dissecting a frog. Nobody laughs and the frog dies," writes journalist Richard Herring as he quotes comedian Barry Cryer. Still, learning how to write a comedy skit and fi... Read More »