In an MOT service/inspection, will they replace your tires before the inspection is done..........?

Answer If the MOT test is underway then no defective parts (e.g. tyres, light bulbs or brake pads, etc.) will be replaced during the test procedure and the vehicle will be failed.It is therefore wise to h... Read More »

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My hp laptop crash, they say the HDD need to be replace. My question is after that is done will the laptop wor?

It will be worth what it was when the other hard drive was still working.The original Operating System can be restored.

Tenants vacated property and left damage which they wouldnt rectify before leaving. Have had work done and?

As long as you have full receipts for all the work done and all the deposit can be accounted for, then you have no problems.Let the tenant take you to court, all the costs of this will be on his head.

Going jogging tomorrow morning, never done it before, should I wear my stilettos or will normal heels do?

Do you think they will cut interest rates again before christmas?

The Monetary Policy Committee from the Bank of England recently slashed interest rates by 1.50% to 3.0%. Most people are predicting that if they do cut rates again it will be in the new year. At th... Read More »