In an MOT service/inspection, will they replace your tires before the inspection is done..........?

Answer If the MOT test is underway then no defective parts (e.g. tyres, light bulbs or brake pads, etc.) will be replaced during the test procedure and the vehicle will be failed.It is therefore wise to h... Read More »

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Winters tires. What is the best Snow tires Or spikes tires Why?

snow tyres would be best, spikes are better for travelling over icy roads ,in the mountains you would lose most of the spikes and spend a fortune replacing them, incidentally snow or spiked tyres ... Read More »

How to Replace Tires on an All Wheel Drive KIA Sorento?

The tires on an all-wheel-drive KIA Sorento will wear out over time. The time it takes for the tread to wear down to the tread-wear markers will vary by tire design and the composition of the tire ... Read More »

If you don't want your tires to blow up from too much thermal energy, then why aren't tires white (to absorb less sunlight and thus receive less thermal energy)?

That's an interesting question. It's probably difficult to manufacture white tires and they'd probably look terrible after they'd been driven a while. The old white-wall tires where difficult to ke... Read More »

What Is Stateful Inspection?

Stateful inspection is a technique used in computer network firewalls for protecting a network from unauthorized access. Also sometimes known as dynamic filtering, the method is capable of inspect... Read More »