In computer network what is fingerprinting?

Answer Finding out information, such as operating system type, of a machine based upon the characteristics of the network traffic it generates or how it responds to network traffic it receives.The linked ... Read More »

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How to make a network/domain or a thing where more than 1 computer use the same network?

That's basically the commonest setup there is..You need a router that has a NAT (Network Address Translation) firewall and DHCP server.With a typical home broadband box, you have those facilities a... Read More »

Bought a new samsung i9220, network search shows one network i would like to add the network for my sim card.?

You are confusing 2 things. Mobile network and wifi networks. Your mobile network depends on the SIMM card and cannot be changed unless you use change the SIMM. You can only have one mobile network... Read More »

How can I add a computer to my network?

First verify if you can connect to your home network. If so, go to start, run, enter cmd, depending on the operating system, or enter command, and type ping where the x's are the ip... Read More »

What Is a Network Computer?

A network computer, or NC, is one of multiple diskless computers dependent upon and connected to another computer that holds hard drive space or processes information. The term was originally trade... Read More »