In computers what does dns mean?

Answer 1 - dns = domain name server2 - Click into your start menu and type cmd, then in that type: ipconfig /flushdns3 - If this doesnt work, edit your question to say that you tried it.DNS automatically ... Read More »

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What does it mean by REFURBISHED computers!!?

A refurbished computer is a defective or used computer that has been restored to like-new condition. When a computer is refurbished, parts that aren't working properly are replaced and the unit is... Read More »

What mean wi-fi in computers?

Wi-fi in computer language means wireless fidelity. This means that if someone has a wireless network set up in their homes , or business, you can access the internet over their network, porvided t... Read More »

On PC what does a DVD-RW double layer mean, does it mean I can put more video on a disc?

DVD stands for Digital Versatile/Video Disc, DVDR stands for DVD Recordable and DVDRW for DVD ReWriteable. If you're familiar with regular audio/music CDs or regular DVD-Video discs, then you will ... Read More »

What does 'DAB ready' mean when describing a car radio unit Does this mean it will receive DAB radio?

"DAB ready" means that the stereo alone does not have the capability to receive DAB frequencies... But can however, accept the appropriate adaptor to recieve DAB."DAB tuner" usually indicates that ... Read More »